Pay Sunday Breakfast

The 50th Reunion of Olympia High School's Class of 1974

Sunday Breakfast Buffet, August 18th, 2024


Please make sure you have “Confirmed your Attendance” to the Sunday Breakfast Buffet on, before payment.

The Menu Price is $21.54 per person plus 8% Sales Tax and 22% Resort Gratuity. The Total with Tax/Tip inclusive is $28.

Please pay $28 for each Sunday Breakfast Buffet by choosing one of the four ways below:

      1. Pay $28 per Buffet with Cash or Check
        + Use Cash or Check – Please meet or send remittance/make check to: Vanessa Butler, 506 4th Ave SW, Tumwater, WA 98512  email address
      2. Pay $28 per Buffet via Zelle –
        Use this service offered by many banks for direct transfer into our BECU bank account. Account: 

      3. Pay $28 per Buffet via Venmo App –
        Pay Directly from your Bank Account with the Venmo App
        Account: @Arthur-Rusche
        Last four digits of my phone number: 2307

      4. Pay $28 per Buffet via PayPal when using a Credit Card

Deadline for signing up and paying is August 5th!
Don’t miss out in the fun!

Please contact Art if you are having problems. Let me know of the exact circumstances of the issue.

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